Marineros cortan cola a un tiburón y se burlan en video

A través de redes sociales, se publicó un video que causó polémica entre mucha gente, asociaciones y hasta actores.

Marineros cortan cola a un tiburón y se burlan en video



04/06/2019 19:38 / Ciudad de México

En el video, se ve como en una lancha que navega por Groelandia hay dos pescadores quienes sujetan a un tiburón por la cola y deciden cortársela. “Buena suerte cuando intentes nadar, bastardo” fue el comentario que se escuchó cuando liberaron a la criatura marina. Después, solo se escucharon risas de estas dos personas.

🤬😡 Yet again I’m left speechless with the commercial fishing community and its lack of respect for #marinelife. Two fishermen recorded and laughed as another cuts off the tail (caudal fin) of what looks like a Greenland Shark. One of the fisherman can be heard yelling “Good luck trying to swim, you bastard” while the other laughs as the mutilated #shark tries to escape. #GreenlandSharks live to between 300-500 years old but don’t reach breeding age until about 150. It’s also speculated that populations number are low as the shark is fished for its liver oil in the #Scandinavian region. Thankfully the men were promptly fired from their jobs on board. It also seems that the men broke several laws and could face up to a million ISK (roughly $11600 AUD) in fines on animal cruelty charges... hardly enough for that horrific act in my opinion. @oceanskeepers . . . . . . #greenland #greenlandshark #sharkeducation #sharkconservation #saveshark #saveoursharks #fishing #commercialfishing #animalcruelty #stopanimalcruelty #oceanskeepers #iceland

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Diversas asociaciones como Ocean Speaker o Save The Reef compartieron el video para denunciar este acto, “Lamentablemente, este tipo de matanzas sin sentido será el final de nuestra vida marina, nuestro medio ambiente y, eventualmente, nuestra propia especie, ¡a menos que cambiemos INMEDIATAMENTE” dijo Save The Reef.

Incluso el actor Jason Momoa, elenco en la serie Game of Thrones y protagonista de la película Aquaman, comentó en redes sociales “Tu risa me pone furioso, nunca quise lastimar a un humano tanto como lo hice cuando escuché tu risa y lo que dijiste” .

Según el sitio web de Intripper, la asociación Ocean Keeper, los pescadores fueron despedidos de sus trabajos y también enfrentan una multa de 8,000 dólares.

SWIPE 👉 😡🤬 This kind of behaviour by #shark fishing enthusiasts makes my blood boil! These images have gone viral on #sharkfishing Facebook pages and forum with members commenting on it’s ingenious method of ‘marking’ sharks to know if they’ve caught that same shark before. What these ‘geniuses’ lack is the intelligence to research how quickly sharks can heal from such injuries. In less than a year these branding iron markings will have disappeared, resulting in this despicable and disturbing act being absolutely pointless and inhumane. If you are going to catch and release sharks, PLEASE buy tags and contribute real data to help these species survive - don’t be a dickhead like the guys who did this. . . . . . . #sharktagging #sharkresearch #sharkeducation #sharkconservation #sharks #saveshark #saveoursharks #oceanskeepers #fishing #branding

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